Lena was born in the city of Baghdad to an artistically inclined family. Although she left Iraq for Yemen from a very young age, the essence of the Iraqi spirit was imprinted on her. 

Her move to Yemen tremendously shaped her viewpoint of the world. Being the land of ancient traditions and indigenous cultural beauty, it gave her a unique sense of identity throughout the tender years of her childhood. She later moved to Canada to finish her studies and acquire her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. In 2018, she moved back to Iraq to reside in the city of Erbil.
This unique blend of cultures makes Lena who she is; a citizen of the world, a mindset that formed her artistic vision.
Knowing no boundaries, Lena portrays a wide range of concepts in her work. Personal identity, genuine gestures, and nuanced emotions can be felt predominantly in her art.

In addition to her personal work, she has worked with many notable figures and brands such as BMW Iraq, Lexus Iraq, Timex, Haifa Hassony, Bakr Khalid, Tamila Sinan, musician Johannes Linstead and Swiss Gallery. Her work with BMW Iraq was able to capture the attention and appreciation of BMW International which reached out to her to share her work.